From Big Business to Washington and Back Again, and No One Cares

“The health insurance industry alone has six lobbyists for every member of congress, over 500 of which are former congressional staffers.”
[Bill Moyers, from the linked video at the end of this article.]

We no longer live in a democracy. Even if you voted Democratic.

This revolving-door between Washington and big business, particularly Big Pharma and the Defense Industry, exemplifies and promotes an utter corruption of everything we worked so hard to build in this country.

As Glenn Greenwald puts it: “Few people embody the corporatist revolving door greasing Washington as purely as Elizabeth Fowler.”

This just happened. But we’ve been here before.

I think we’re looking at three possible directions for us, as citizens, from here. One, elect Bernie Sanders, and DO NOT GO TO SLEEP, BUT REMAIN ACTIVE AND VIGILANT. He (as well as others, most notably Robert Reich) has been shouting this from the rooftops throughout the entire campaign. Our work is not done when we elect our candidate. That’s when it begins.

Two, elect Rand Paul or his crazier (and smarter, I think) father Ron Paul, whose ideas could be extrapolated to dismantling some key aspects of the Federal government, giving power back to the States. And then moving to or working in or with those states that best meet your criteria for how you want to live, and not worry about the fact that the country is splintering into smaller, regionalized units. This would be a long and probably wrenching process, but could happen, and could redefine the structure of the entire U.S. (It may be too late for this; he is now out of the race.)

Third, keep going where we’re going, which will allow the already percolating forces of revolution start to take deeper root. We always look at other countries and wonder why they can’t keep it together like we do. We may well be singing our own swan’s song right now. This option will not be pretty, but would turn out to have been a pretty predictable outcome, when looked at after the fact if we elect, say, a Republican president, or possibly even Clinton.

If you hear people – or yourself – speaking of the widespread havoc 2-3 years from now with words like, “I didn’t think ~that~ would happen,” remember this.

The real truth is: you just didn’t think.

(Edited: an earlier version inadvertently had the Ron and Rand Paul names reversed, and also suggested that both Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders were out of the race.)


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