Arkansas Johnny Rhoda gets what’s due

The Arkansas GOP official who claimed Hillary Clinton would “probably get shot at the state line” if she ran for president resigned on Wednesday.

Republican Party Chair Doyle Webb said in a statement that Johnny Rhoda turned in his resignation even though he felt his comments were “taken out of context.”

Amicus forum note: People take things out of context. That’s what we do. Have you ever read the Bible? It really does say all the things that people have ever quoted from it. The extent to which we are not all on the same page regarding that book is the extent to which we take its content out of context.

The art of language lies in the words carrying a context of their own that is relatively unequivocal, or else deliberately equivocal. In short, know what you’re doing when you’re putting words together.

I kind of have a feeling that Rhoda knew what he was doing. And he did it anyway.


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