Stop Looking for Joy

Large block of marble

What if our natural state were nothing but outrageous, uncontrollable, ecstatic, boundless joy? And instead of striving always to reach that, we rather were to strip away all that is not that?

If you have ever done any sculpting or carving, you fully understand the joke, “How do you carve an elephant out of marble?”

“You start with a really big piece of marble, and remove everything that’s not an elephant.”

The joy that we sometimes consciously experience is always there. It’s just been trapped inside a block of our own creation.

We have to learn how to unlearn. We are far less rigid in our thinking when we sleep. At last, the ego shuts its wretched mouth, and leaves the soul to speak for itself. By consciously suspending our ego-coached disbelief, we might glimpse some of that same godhead in our waking hours, and see the topsy turvy world for what it is.

We might, more often, experience the simple joy of drawing breath.


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