NYC’s Taxi of Tomorrow Disappoints

Be careful what you support. I thought this whole “Taxi of Tomorrow” initiative was to put safer, more accessible and more environmentally respectful taxis on the roads.

Well, they may be safer. But not all of them will be more accessible. The standard version of the Nissan NV-200 doesn’t accommodate wheelchairs.

An it’s also not available as a hybrid. All the gains we’ve made in converting half the NYC taxi fleet to hybrid will be reversed. The NV-200 only gets about 25 mpg, compared to the average-and-rising 34 mpg of a typical Ford Escape Hybrid.

But officials say converting to a single model will “give unprecedented leverage to weigh in on details from seat fabric to meter placement.”

Thank God for that! New York is a very stylish town; we desperately need our taxi seats to reflect that!


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