The convenience of living in NYC.

Today is Sunday. For those who don’t know, there’s an Ikea store in the Red Hook area of Brooklyn. As there is nothing like Ikea in Manhattan, and no subway service particularly close to Red Hook, Ikea offers a free “water taxi” ferry service between Manhattan’s Pier 11 and Ikea’s own pier in Brooklyn.

How nice.

I am now sitting on Pier 11, waiting for the ferry. It has taken me one hour to come this far. I missed the once-every-forty-minutes ferry by 10 minutes, so am waiting the half hour until the next scheduled departure.

Upon leaving home, on the west side of Manhattan (in Chelsea, if you must know), I took the crosstown bus to Park Avenue South, where I boarded a number 6 train. The closest the trains go to Pier 11 seemed to be the Brooklyn Bridge stop on the 6 train, but maybe a route to lower Manhattan would have been closer. I’ll have to check it out. Because the City Hall stop is not very close to Pier 11! Nothing is! It’s a schlep.

By the time I get to Ikea, I assume it will be about 3:20. Since it gets dark in mid-afternoon these days (well, it seems that way anyway), it will certainly be dark when I am set to leave the store. I had thought to make this a cheery daylight trip. Instead, I’m grousing about it, and I’m not even there yet. I’m wondering why I’m even going. Do I really need those things? Will I really be able to carry them on the little two-wheeled cart I’m carrying with me? Couldn’t I have gotten these things in the city? Or online?

By the time I get home, I won’t have time or energy to assemble this stuff. So boxes will be sitting there for another week. Through Thanksgiving. Because – God knows! – I won’t have time to deal with it on work days!

I think the real, practical answer is to just give up. Give up any thought of being organized, or saving time, or saving money. Don’t even think about doing things like this. Just pretend that there is no Ikea. No Sears. No Target. No Kohl’s (all are located outside of Manhattan). Just go about your life as though everything is too remote from your island retreat, that you’ve learned to do without.

You’ll be glad you did.


One thought on “The convenience of living in NYC.

  1. I have learned that shopping on a weekend with the different subway timetables and changes is not worthwhile. I live in Brooklyn and know the Red Hook Ikea store well.. weekdays are best. Or perhaps even online shopping. NY is convenient that way 😉 Reduce the schlepp! I had fun reading this as I know how you feel!

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