Should gay rights be based on genetics?

A recent program of The View apparently featured GOP candidate Herman Cain, along with the usual group of women on the panel. Joy Behar, one of the latter, made some comments that were the subject of an “op ed” I recently wrote on the website.

I believe my comments stand well alone, and I repeat them here. Well-thought-out comments (from you) are vigorously welcomed and solicited.

I think it is dangerous to base any “equal rights” solely on us being “born that way.” Has science never been wrong? What if a clear genetic basis is NEVER proven or, worse, proven NOT to exist? Does that then remove our rights under the law? I have always found it folly to insist that gay rights be based on biology and genetics. They should be based on ethics and the individual freedoms that our constitution guarantees to everyone.

I actually think that Joy Behar’s comment is equally dangerous, when she says, “I don’t think anybody in this world wants to be gay considering all the vilification that is brought upon someone who is gay. Why would you choose that?”

Well, dear, that statement is equivalent to saying, “I don’t think anybody in this world wants to be anything but a doctor or lawyer considering all the poverty that is brought upon someone who is poor. Why would you choose that?”

People can, and do, and imperatively must make certain decisions and choices based on their own FUNDAMENTAL NEEDS AND DESIRES, not on the possible ramifications of those choices. They have to do what their hearts tell them to do, even if it may entail other hardships for them. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they are somehow chemically or mechanically wired to do those things, and if it DID mean that, I think I’d just throw in the towel right here and right now. I consider my life a part of my own active creation and participation, not a simple inescapable result of my genetic basis. If you are going to defend my entitlement to equal rights under the law with that kind of argument, I say, “No thank you; I’ll fend for myself.”


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