Salmon, public works, and us.

Our attempts to “play God” with salmon “production,” as we do with so many aspects of our planet, have totally fucked the genetic diversity and strength of the species. One observer said, “it’s like trying to replace Bach, Beethoven and Mozart, with Yanni, Yanni and Yanni.”

How did we do it? Did you know, for one example, built without a passage for migrating fish, the Grand Coulee Dam totally eradicated wild salmon runs on the upper Columbia? With the fish went a way of life that had sustained the Columbia Basin’s Native Americans for thousands of years.

As we look forward to more grand public works projects in an effort to revitalize our economy, let’s not be penny wise and pound foolish. Let’s do as the Iroquois Indians did, and consider the impact of our decisions on generations down the road. Even if not seven generations, as the Iroquois did, but how about at least the next one!


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