Trust in Politics – The Afghanistan Mineral Motherlode

I found today’s New York Times article, “US Discovers Vast Riches of Minerals in Afghanistan”, to be jaw-droppingly bizarre and uncanny. Uncanny, you know, “seeming to have a supernatural character or origin.” Other-worldly. Beyond what is normal or expected.

Call me suspicious, but when I read something like this, I can’t help but wonder if this in fact was the entire reason we (meaning the U.S. as a military force) were in Afghanistan (and perhaps Iraq as well, and maybe anywhere we have a presence and a stake in the Middle East). I don’t mean to sound untrusting, but with such an incredible amount of transformative riches at stake, It seems much more likely to me that this is why certain vested interests in global politics were after control of this region, than to find a guy who flew a couple of planes into the World Trade Center (who, by the way, we still haven’t found).

The proof’s in the pudding. Let’s see how it all plays out. For now, let’s end with the same words that the Times article did. The quote is from Jack Medlin, a USGS geologist. “On the ground, it’s very, very, promising,” Mr. Medlin said. “Actually, it’s pretty amazing.”

Almost uncanny, you might say.


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