Hello, Mr. Hayward? This is President Obama calling. NOT!

I will start out by saying that I have been a big Obama supporter – in concept and in deed – from the moment he won the Democratic Primary (yes, that’s a clue that I have not always been a big supporter). And I have been able to hold my head up in that regard. Sometimes I’ve had to grit my teeth a bit, but still, I’ve generally been at least 51% pleased with the priorities and the actions of his office.

However, this latest news, that he hasn’t spoken to [BP CEO Tony] Hayward… This just makes me close my mouth and hang my head. It’s like just learning that I’m adopted or something, it just changes my whole world-order-view. It’s just dumb, and I didn’t expect him to do dumb things. It’s dumb procedurally, it’s dumb politically, and it’s dumb in a PR way.

Everyone expects Obama to have talked to Hayward, everyone kind of assumes that of course he’s doing so; I mean, that’s what’s done. To suddenly learn that he hasn’t done so – at all! – wow, it’s just so crazy. Hard to comprehend.

Perhaps the biggest problem with this omission is now how it will tie him up trying to manage the fallout, trying to catch up, trying to explain it to those who can’t comprehend it. It almost doesn’t matter what the subject is, it’s a major distraction at a time that he doesn’t need it. It could become like Clinton’s Lewinsky. Something stupid that he did / didn’t do, that keeps coming up when he’s trying to do something else.

The sad thing is that it’s probably gonna bite him in the ass, and keep on biting. I can almost feel my own inner and unspoken hopes for this world going up in smoke. Especially after the disastrous changes wrought by the Bush era, I had such hopes. Now… I’m not so sure.


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