Outing George Rekers is one thing; outing his escort is another

Sighhh… This whole thing is a bit embarrassing. There’s a battle playing out in the blogosphere, for those of you who don’t already know it. The Miami New Times is the supposed whistleblower on George Rekers, and unzipped.net (don’t go there if you’re not at least 18 years of age, preferably gay, preferably male) is the supposed whistleblower on the New Times.

On one hand we have what seems to be pretty much a self-aggrandizing blogger really doing a number on a young guy who deserved a bit more respect and perhaps privacy than this. Unzipped.net is the place where the identity of the Rekers escort was first revealed (I think). Why? Because the Miami New Times didn’t do it? I mean, I guess, what’s one man’s sullied reputation, against another’s potential blog-stardom?

On the other hand, we have what appears to be another lame newspaper, the Miami New Times, from pretty much of a has-been news organization (Village Voice Media), reporting in the same style they have used in every article in the last 15 years. Copious but still somehow shoddy fact-gathering, more “human interest” or gossip value than real information, and nowhere an editor in sight (i.e. one who actually edits).

So… here we are. It’s the Krystle vs Alexis mudfight, and we’re supposed to see it as a battle of journalistic acumen.


Remaining to be seen is the effect any of this will have on George Rekers, the anti-gay organizations he has spoken for in the past, and the various political figures who have used him and his writings (and other spewings) as part of their platform to get elected. I’m sure there will be quite a lot of maneuvering going on, probably some heads will roll.

I wonder who’s going to carry their luggage?


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