Have you voted yet? Our future is waiting.

Hmmm. It’s the night before the election. Actually, where I am, it’s already the wee hours of Tuesday September 4. There is so much at stake, the need to get out and vote seems so vital, and so obvious. But that’s because what I think is vitally and obviously needed is change. And change does not mean voting for John McCain.

The shadow of the Bush dynasty has hung over the United States long enough. Ever since Bush I (GHWB) was elected, we have been in deep communal spiritual crisis. There has been a pall cast over the land. A darkness. A fear. Even during Clinton’s rather bright presidency, the Republicans managed to do everything in their power – which was considerable – to make sure that it was as if he were running through knee-deep water for his entire term in office. What the Clintons could have accomplished had they been supported by a willing Congress, one can only imagine. So many things seemed on the right track. But the Republicans worked mightily to stop it. Their Contract On America was executed masterfully, and we all paid for it, and continue to pay for it. All of this is from the Bush leadership of the country when in office and of the party machinery when not in office.

So now, where do we want to go? For me, the last 20 years, and particularly the last 10, have certainly had their ups and downs, and I can’t blame any of it on anyone… but my sense is, it has to end. We can do so much better. We can be better neighbors, we can be better stewards for our own future generations. We can set a better example, we can make better decisions. In short, we can be better people, more considerate people, more adventurous while still being more patient and more insightful.

We can elect Barack Obama as our next president. We can do that, and we must do that. What he brings to the office of President, as an educated outsider, is a fresh balance of optimism and determination. He has, I think, everything that we want to be in our country. He has strength, opportunity, resolve, courage, determination, and obviously charm. It is not always necessary to outgun the enemy. Sometimes it is best to simply convince them, or to win them over. I believe that Obama can do that, and do so with far less bloodshed than his recent predecessors. I believe he has a new way of looking at the world, and I believe it’s time for us to give it a chance.


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