Matt Drudge is an asshole.

There, it’s been said. Many times, and in many ways before, but still, I wanted to join in. Mr. Drudge can think he’s the shit, for breaking the story about Prince Harry serving in Afghanistan, running counter to the voluntary embargo on that story that all the rest of the news media agreed to. But the truth is, all he did was to cause the prince once again to not be able to experience a particularly down-to-earth kind of service with his fellow men. It would not seem to be asking too much for him to be permitted this.

But if Mr. Drudge were to let this story go by, without breaking it, then he would miss his chance to carve an even bigger name for himself. And he is not one to let that happen. So here we are, more well-informed about something that would not have mattered in the least to us had we not been so informed, and yet someone, a young man, Prince Harry, has somehow lost something, while Matt Drudge has seemed to gain something for himself.

According to Princeton’s WordNet site, asshole (and other words I need not list here) are “insulting terms of address for people who are stupid or irritating or ridiculous.”

Yes, Matt Drudge is an asshole.


4 thoughts on “Matt Drudge is an asshole.

  1. … because in this country we seem to value “freedom of the press” above “freedom to live one’s life without people in your business at every moment.”

  2. Drudge is an asshole. And people valuing “freedom of the press” are supposed to be valuing that it is free from restriction by the government. It should, but sadly does not, believe in self restraint. If it did, Harry would still be serving His country in the way he intended, and Matt Drudge would be a Nobody in a world of nobodies, and the world would be a better place.


  3. Yes, I suppose you’re right, “allowed” is really not the word I should have used. But just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. We all know how ridiculous and aggressive the British press is. Anyone heard of the Sun? But the fact that they held off and this wank gave it away really says it all about Matt Drudge.

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